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We look after you from start-up financing to follow-up financing up to refurbishment within your own four walls. Our specialist for all your building finance questions. With a term loan, you can secure the advantageous interest rate for your financing.

That is the sound construction financing

That is the sound construction financing

With the combined construction measure. You can benefit from government subsidies when converting or building your own house.

On the one hand, the house bank says that it would like to have around 1300 USD for the description of the building permit. It is then about the description in the cadastre. How much did the notary’s transcription cost me? Hello Mayla, the 1300 USD is probably a processing fee from the house bank and not a security measure.

The second part of your request is rather a legal request, which is why we regrettably cannot provide you with any information and can recommend that you hire a lawyer. A notary contact person can certainly inform you of the notary fees in advance. Hello Maila, yes, there are new fees for the transfer of ownership. The fees incurred related to the assignment of the partner’s 50% stake:

Notary fees, land register entry, real estate transfer tax, how high the fees are, depending on the value of the building and the value of the goods. I just don’t see what they should be for transferring the loan. This is the place where I ask the house bank. Hello, that the house bank does not do this for free, goes without saying.

The expenses you mentioned are very high

The expenses you mentioned are very high

The following problem may need to be answered: – The transfer cannot be performed if the commit time has passed. For example, you could choose a different house bank. Hello June, the transfer fees seem too high to me.

Hello, here is a sample calculation for a property with a total value of 100,000 USD: Note: The cadastral and notary fees are based on the Costs Act in cases of voluntary jurisdiction. The facts in the respective cadastre or the design of the contract can lead to significant deviations from the aforementioned provisions.

Final and binding information can only be given by the notarial and the responsible land registry. Hello, the notary and litigation costs (for the purchase or transfer contract as well as the transfer of ownership in the land register) amount to 1.2% to 1.6% of the purchase price. All fees apply to the part you purchased, which I assume you already own half of the property.

The price of the bank transfer is not understandable to me and seems excessive to me. You should release your former spouse from custody and not incur any additional costs. The sum of the expenses is suspicious to me. So I advise the house bank to inquire where their loan terms are listed, the fees involved and how they were calculated.

Then the problem of the new interest/fixation etc

Then the problem of the new interest/fixation etc

Would have to be clarified. Description of land register: If you buy 50% of the building from your partner, then you have to pay a real estate transfer tax. It is a matter of contract and representation. Donation example: Previous purchase price / current value of goods 150,000 USD, ongoing financing 100,000 USD.

So the donation value of the donation in the amount of 50,000 divided by 2 is 25,000 USD. Because an amount of USD 2,000 is a free amount, the 30% gift tax has to be paid for USD 2,000, i.e. about USD 1,500. So inquire before paying an annual fee of USD 80. For 100 to 200 USD you get competent advice from a tax advisor who also vouches for his information.

Notary and land transfer costs are therefore set at a flat rate of 1.5% of the purchase price for the financing. In our example, let’s assume 1.5% of the total of around USD 55,000. With a donation in the amount of USD 2,000, the notary fees amount to about USD 200, and then there are the cadastral costs, about USD 200.

An additional USD 300 (0.5% of the property value, can also be less). Tip: Consult a notary contact in advance (free of charge). So general recommendation: ask IB again in detail and, if necessary, get advice again. Ask the tax advisor about the best tax solution (depending on value and burden). Hello, normally financial institutions do nothing for nothing.

In any case, a transfer fee is payable. You can inquire about the altitude at the responsible doctor. Hello, The acquisition costs of USD 1,300 will cause the house bank to process your “new” loan application. In terms of scope and processing, the audit is similar to a new financing option but does not lead to new business for the BA.

The house bank regulates the expense through the processing fee


Dear Ms. Majla, first of all, my assumptions about the situation with the questions: Construction financing is done in one go with you and your ex-partner. So both had received the recognition for it. I also assume that half of you are both registered in the land register.

First the question “bank”: the house bank does not make any demands, but must have a justified disadvantage. Therefore, ask your house bank where the claim is justified (read there) and how and from what the price is calculated. This would only be the case if you are not yet a (co-) owner in the cadastre (at least that’s my level of knowledge).

Therefore, contact the office that provided the information. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the total of the notary fees, but you can get this information from your doctor’s office. Remember that the Cadastral Office also charges for the changes. Hello Maila, on your two aspects: I have two negative news items for you.

With so-called debt relief, the central bank increases its credit risk from two debtors to one. Because this is like a new credit institution decision, the house bank can evaluate it. You cannot do anything in the cadastre without a notarial and/or district court. Orders that are completed cost-effectively without a notary’s office are almost always in the drawer.

Hello, for the paraphrase 1. 300 USD seems relatively high at first. Another problem is whether the National Bank accepts that one of the two debtors withdraws from the contract and whether your financial or earnings situation is considered sufficient. Basically, it can, of course, be that the house bank has taken into account here.

How did the house bank comment? I would discuss this with you instead of with the house bank, so ask how the price is built up, how high the pure processing costs are and whether the risk question plays a role here. It is also possible that the house bank is well attuned to you and tries to support the paraphrase.

The best way to inquire about the notary fees is to ask the notary companion yourself. Hello, So the reason for the poorer protection is not meaningful to me for the fees. Then the interest would be charged with a risk premium. However, it is a cost for the battery. 1,300 USD seems a lot to me, say again with the house bank, they would like to go on in 5 years!

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